Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while and thought I would catch up a bit with everyone. I have been holding at about 60% on 25 mg of Zoloft. My symptoms have changed a bit and keep me frustrated. When I wake up in the morning now I feel good, a lot better than I used to but like clockwork around 10:00 am to around 2-3 pm I am extremely foggy, disoriented and a tired. It boggles my mind why I have these symptoms. Is it anxiety, MAV, or maybe ADHD?? I can not for the life of me figure out the reason for these symptoms… I have tried different types of exercise, vitamins, and acupuncture but nothing changes. It so bizarre!! All the doctors I went to can not agree on the reason, so it just make me more and more frustrated!! A couple of weird thing that keep bothering me are I cant wear sunglasses, when I wear them I feel even MORE foggy and tired and the second I take them off I feel better. Its so weird!!! Sometime I think a little caffeine helps but then other times it has no effect. There is just no explanation to the pattern! Its so depressing to think that i will be like this the rest of my life!! I have so many question but no Real advice from any doctor. I have been on the zoloft for about 6 months and have tried to go up to 37.5 and 50 mg but I felt a lot more tired and out of it than I already d so now im back to 25. I wonder if it a cumulative thing with ssri’s, maybe it will get better over time, fingers crossed. thanks for listening!!!

What time do you take the zoloft? It might be the way you metabolize it. Most ssri’s are taken at night but you could split the dose am/pm… I do that with cymbalta. It also could be you need another chemical tweaked. I forget what you’ve tried in the past. Since zoloft hits mainly serotonin and a little bit of fopine, you could try adding either nortriptyline or strattera, as they hit mainly norepinephrine. In my opinion, 60% is not good enough and I’d keep on trucking till you find the answers.

Okay my iPhone makes up words… It was supposed to say dopamine, not fopine, that zoloft hits.

Hi, I know this may just be coincidence but when I was on Zoloft (only took for 3 weeks) I also felt better with my sunglasses off, it was as if I was more “foggy” when I had them on. Overall I was more sluggish and foggy on Zoloft, although it did help my anxiety and panic attacks, thats pretty much all it did. I actually felt like my vision was worse on it too, like I would get sort of tunnel vision when driving, I ultimately got off it because I was getting killer headaches, has your doc brought up trying any other meds?

Thanks guys!!! I take it in the morning. Maybe you are right maybe I should try taking it later in the day. Yes I thought about asking my doc about straterra, I’m a little worried about the side effects though. I just feel so out of it, like I am staring off into space all the time.