Hey folks,
I just wanted to update you all on a couple of things. My improvement seems to be stable. Since starting Verapamil I am no longer experiencing episodes of vertigo or even dizziness. While this is a tremendous improvement I am however, still experiencing chronic disequilibrium and tension in my head. On the whole, all the debilitating symptoms seem under control and I’m left with a few that merely very annoying.

In other news, I received the report from the sleep lab today - “Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea”. This may sound crazy but I am thrilled with this. I think we may have just identifed a major systemic health issue that could be triggering all this. What’s more, its something that can be fairly easily treated (CPAP in the short term while I get serious about dropping 60 lbs).

Of course it could be another red herring. Those of you who know my history know that I’ve chased a few of those.

I’ll keep you all posted as this plays out.


Chaz that is GREAT! Good luck with the C-PAP machine and keep us posted.



I hope this works out for you. I think that most of us have chased the red herring at least once. Sounds like you might be onto something since lack of proper sleep can be one of many causes for migraines.

Again, many wishes for the best,