finally got my appt for the mass eye and ear it is oct 8th at 11am so wish me luck…my dr upped my meds to 15mg but havent started it yet cause need to go into town to fill my prescription…also anyone every have a sharp 5 sec pain in chest then goes away and may come back a few times over next day??

Yikes! Chest pains? Better keep close tabs on that.

I’m with Joy on those chest pains.

BTW, I should be out of my cast by your appointment. :lol:

it only happened for those two days and not lately

Do you have any history of heart problems? High blood pressure? High cholesterol? Heartburn? (Geez, what am I? A doctor??! Next thing you know I’ll be asking about your bowels! :mrgreen: )

What about panic attacks? I think those can come with chest pains, right? Do you have those?

no heartburn or heart problems…triglerides are a little high but that was during winter when i was eating junk and not burning any off sure they are down now…no i have naturally LOW blood pressure…and it was panic attacks cause i have those and know the difference…hasnt happened but once or twice since those two days

Well … I guess you’re cured! Get back to me in six weeks. That’ll be $50. :lol: