Upper Respiratory Infection with Topa. Common? Often?

Anybody get knocked down by this? I’ve been doggy paddling at 25mg for almost a month when I got hit by an upper respiratory infection last week. The cold increased my dizziness, made it hard to sleep, and has made me a lot more tired. 7 days later I’m still not anywhere near recovered.

Have any Topa veterans experienced this and is it a passing side effect or something to look forward to every time I titrate up? Are you more prone to these upper respiratory colds or do you get it once and then its done? This has been a cruel 1 month trial. I had terrible symptoms the first two weeks (maybe I was expecting 1 week based on other reports) along with seemingly every side effect including many unexpected (rash, tremoring). I had one day where the symptoms retreated and the side effects were under control. And then I got the upper respiratory infection.

I’m seeing my neurologist early next week to evaluate whether to stay on the med and it seems like a rough juncture considering the head cold. I’d like some more days of positive optimism under my belt as opposed to 1 day in a month. Also, if I had titrated up after two weeks as the doctor had prescribed I’d be in a world of hurt. I cannot imagine how awful I would feel doubling the dosage with some of these side effects still rearing on the low dosage.

I have never heard anything to indicate that Topamax could have any effect on you getting a respiratory infection. There was a terrible cold that went around this year–one of the worst I’ve had in years, but everyone in my family got it so it wasn’t Topamax related. I was coughing for weeks.