Upping nortrip

So after 5 months of being on 10mg of Nortrip and being off/on I’ve decided to finally up it to 20mg (today is day 3). I’m giving it 4 weeks before going back to the ENT. I just don’t understand why did the 10 mg work for 2 months and then all of a sudden it’s just not working like it did. So far since being on 20, I’m sooo incredibly tired and lethargic! I’ve had one “normal” day, but i was too tired to enjoy it! So, any ideas how long before this tiredness goes away? I’m splitting the dose, 10 in the morning and 10 at night…

Take them both at night side effects will wear off in max 10 days. Ive had that happen to me with amitriptyline it worked at 10mg for a while but now my body must be used to it.

Just to ditto what Blondie said. Also my dr believes in whacking the dose up very quickly - I went from 10-50 in 8 weeks with nori. Just remember what a small dose that you are on there is still plenty of scope. I know how frustrating it is to have found relief & then for it to poop out on you but maybe your ‘magic number’ is a higher one like me xxxx

thanks for the replies. I will start tomorrow with 20mg at night since i already took 10mg this morning. Yes, the last several months have been very hard not knowing when i felt “normal” for 2 months straight. I’ve been battling this dizziness for almost 2 years now. Normal people have no idea just how horrible MAV is.

Three years for me an I had six months at 95% this year so this relapse is like smack in the face literally. So with you wish I was a ‘muggle’ too (thats what I now call normal people lol)

My doctor ups Nortriptyline by 10mg a week. He told me to take the whole dose 2 to 3 hours before I go to bed. That way, hopefully, the drowsiness will have worn off by the morning.

Hi again Mags, did Dr Silver give you a target dose to reach on the nori? x

I meant to say, every time I upped a dose , I was knackered for about 2 weeks. Like falling asleep in the day knackered! :oops: within a couple of weeks it wore off but if I went to take a daytime nap now I would sleep like a baby still! I take my nori at 5pm as I was suffering with a med ‘hangover’ when I took it at 7-8 xxxx

hi, i am on 30mg of nort.
I had the same issue - felt good on 20mg for a while but they relapsed a bit so raised to 30mg. Raising it to 30mg made me feel real tired for about 10 days or so, so stick wth it,
I take mne at 6pm so as to sleep off the drowsiness, started to take it at 5pm now.
Waitng to see cons in early Dec as at 30mg stll not under control.

Im at 20mg of Ami and still not under control wondering whether to go to 30mg or add pitzotifen at this point :?

Why don’t you try 30mg first Donna because you know you have tolerated ami so well. I heard 25mg - 50mg is the usual therapeutic dose for nori and ami. If 30mg doesn’t work you could then try pizo? x