People, i was away for a while, trying new things. The fact is that i added 10 mg flunarizine 3 monthes ago to 60 mg of Ami, i also use Cefaly everyday and get botox shots. I was getting really better, with no dizziness and just a few pression headaches. SO, i had 9 days vacation on the beach and drunk beers everyday, eat chocolate and nuts, and i was symptom free all vacation. As soon as i get home, the pression headaches and a little dizziness returned. The only thing diferent i did was not haveing more or less 3 cups of decaf coffee everyday. I stopped the coffee today, let´s see what hapens. On other question, do you think if i have problems with beer, i would have symptoms on vacation, isn´t it?

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Flunarizine is a good drug and lately i have seen one other person on vacation who was on flunarizine and was drinking and still did fine. I think the new drug is holding you up, don’t push it. You are adding insult to injury(pun) for the rest of us by asking why did i not get dizzy having beers on my vacation (Kidding !)

BTW what is the dose of Flunarizine and Ami you are on ?

On vacation i do better and my imbalance is bad once i am back home. I can’t explain this, probably the vacation keeps your anti-diuretic(stress) hormones down and you do well.

Hi ! I am on 10 mg flunarizine and 60 mg ami. I have already tried Topiramate, Depakote ER and Pregabaline. One other thing is, i really don´t know why when i drink beer i fell better. If the decaf coffe is not the culprit, i think beer is a preventative medicine for me. I will tell you the results next week.

Alcohol can have the same effect as Benzos do. Tranquilizing and numbing sensory inputs. Drink a lot of water along with alcohol so you don’t get dehydrated which can cause dizzies on it’s own