Venlafaxine & amitriptyline

Looking for anyone who has experience taking Effexor and amitriptyline the rheumatologist wanted me on amitriptyline and so the neurologist said only if I got tapered to a lower dose of Effexor which is easier said than done I’m currently on 10mg of amitriptyline and 37.5 of Effexor I only just went back to 37.5 of Effexor because anything lower is too much to handle and I’ve tried every trick in the book last night I took 7.5mg amitriptyline to slowly ween off for the next few nights as it’s only been a couple of months of course this may not go as planned none of this has gone as planned I saw that somebody with the screen name blueberry had been in a similar predicament a couple of years ago the doctors don’t want me on both so the Amitriptyline has to go I don’t think I could handle both anyways or that I’d be comfortable with or that it was helping I think it made me worse but who knows hard to tell the doctors told me to stop the amitriptyline cold Turkey or slowly my choice which is kinda aggravating oh well did I mention I’ve also been on Propanolol 60mg for several months now and they want to add Ubrelvy and Emgality because I didn’t like Nurtec or Amovig complicated much I hope this makes sense thanks for your time sending good vibes to everyone


I’m in a similar boat but I’m currently on 150 venlafaxine (been on it for 19 years and just last year it stopped working adequately) so now I’ve added 20 mg nortriptyline. Still not controlled yet :weary: but it definitely helps. How are you doing now?

This is very interesting! Are you both in the US? My doctor would not let me start Venlafaxine until I completely got off the Ami/Nori. He said I cannot take two anti-depressants together.
So it is mind blowing for me that I see posts where folks are taking two different anti-depressants together? Hmmm…

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