Hope everyone is well

This is my first post as a newbie, I have been recently diagnosed by doctor s in the uk with migraine associated vertigo.

Basically I have been prescribed venlafaxine at a small dose for the first 2 weeks and too up the dose to 75mg after that.

Has anyone had good results with venlafaxine?? I have been taking it for a week now nothing seem to have changed bar I seem to be happier in myself but still suffer with the daily unblanance and anxiety.

No to bore people but I have suffered this condition all my life I am 4th generation that has it, I am really not a 100% convinced on the diagnosis as what I have read most people started with the condition later on in life.

Any help or advice on the condition or venlafaxine would be great as I really want/need to move forward with is illness


Hi, I was finally diagnosed with the condition after years of symptoms. I have been on 75mg of venlafaxine for 4 months now and it has really helped me. I get the occasional bad day but overall I am so much better. I was unable to work in my office due to the over head lights, and most days I’d be off balance in a world of my own. Now I’m back at work and feel like a human being again! Good luck, it takes a while for medication to start working, so wait a few weeks. I hope you feel better soon.

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PS I started having symptoms when I was around 25, so can start at any age I think.

Hi moonie, thank you for your positive response.

I have just upped my does last Saturday to 75mg everything has been going ok’ish started to notice a positive change until today where the panic attacks and dizziness came back. It’s kind of knocked me back, but I have got to keep looking at the positives.

Well done on returning too work, must of been a big weight lifted when you could get back to the daily chores.

Thanks again

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How are you doing now dizzy mind? Did the venlafaxine works for you? Was it a bumpy ride to get to the dose you are on now?

Hope things are improving for you dizzy mind, let us know how you’re getting on. Remember you may still have bad days but things will improve in the long run. Also, there are lots of different medications you can try to treat this, so if venlafaxine isn’t working ask your doctor for an alternative.