Hi I’m a newbie. Been diagnosed with vm. Had this 6 years. I have been microdosing venlafaxine for a month. Been on 37.5 for 6 days. I’m not feeling any relief and I’m extremley dizxy and tired but struggling to sleep at night. I’m consideting giving up. Anxiety is very bad too. Does this make symptoms tons much much worse? Or is it just me.

Hello. I am sorry you have had to join us. My advice would be to go back to the doctor who prescribed your med and explain it isn’t working because it is trial and error to find THE one that works for you. In my humble opinion it is pointless to continue with a med that is doing nothing to help you. To answer your question about anxiety, yes it makes everything a whole lot worse but getting the right medication helps enormously and because you feel so much better you stress less.