Venting, feeling low, need some words of encouragement!

well guys today ive done myself no favours and literally lived in the world of mav,ive sat from 9am this morning just focusing on this rubbish and reading story after story,ive now got myself into a crying heap of a mess and really don’t know what to do,i know ive got better before but today ive doubted that I will never get to that again and that im stuck like this now forever,i try to keep a lid on the anxiety and panic but sometimes I feel like a failure I feel like ive let my son down through most of his childhood hes 12 now and ive missed so much with him! just plodding is not the way iam before all this I was a fun,outgoing person who loved life but now I feel that’s all got to end,my friends just don’t get it at all!

Oh Mellybob, time to take a break from reading and go have a nice glass of vino and watch something nice on Netflix? Remember to be careful of the amount of time you google or search. Anxiety will accumulate and make you feel worse. Hugs!


Stay strong mellybob…

thanks guys im feeling abit more proactive today as im going to work,i hate my days off when all I do is beg for mercy that this will piss off quick!!