Verapamil and dosage


I am going to fill my script for Verapamil today. My GP perscribed it ahead of seeing a neurologist or headache specialist. However she has no knowledge of MAV and the dosage is 40 mg. Does anyone know what the usual dosage for treating MAV with this med. might be? Also what were the results and side effects. I can’t really afford to feel any more tired than I already am.

Thanks for imput

The dosage seems to vary quite a bit. My doc started me at 120 SR (once per day), but many start lower.

Here’s some info. on Verapamil. … pamil.html

Hi Dizzyloop, my dosage was for my heart condition , so it wasnt for the mav,mine is 240 Slow release tabs at night.
helps me sleep well .
they say the slow release is the best option for mav.
I just read that somewhere, some people are put on up to 300 or more a day for mav.
cheers jen