Verapamil with someone who has low bp?

Hi Ive had this for over a year and tried topamax which completely took away my migraines but not my dizziness and it made me totally looney, amitryptaline which dint help at all and made me a nervious wreck. So the next step is verapamil, I went to the neurologist 2 days ago and this is what he suggested. We are gonna start it VERY slowly because I have naturally low BP I’m 19 and it’s about 100-105/60-65 so I was a little worried about starting this but my neuro said that we would take it slow and it should be okay. But I was wondering what your opinions or experiences on it were and if you think it might work if we start low. Thanks so much

I’m on my 4th week of Verapamil at a very low dose and I have very low blood pressure as well, sometimes like 95/60 and my doctor wasn’t concerned. I’m currently having some breakthrough dizziness but I think it’s because I’m about to ovulate which makes evrything worse. The Verapamil was kind of working for me and it did nothing to my blood pressure. I take it daily just to see. It may be a little lower at times but I don’t physically feel it which is good because I’m a freak about that kind of stuff. Good luck to you with the Verapamil. I hope it works for you


Thanks so much for your response that makes me feel better. My doc wasn’t worried and I was like seriously listen I can’t deal with anything else so if this is going to make me lightheaded from low bp I can’t handle anything else. But he seemed unconcerned. I also get SO much worse when I’m menstrating so that’s a bummer, but I’m hoping that soon I will find something that works for me. I think there’s something out there that’ll work for everyone, it just might take forever to find it, so I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky ones. Thanks again for your responce.

~ Chelsea