Hi All

Just wondering who all is all on verapamil? What is your current dose morning and night and how long did it take for the drug to start working?

lol nabeel you read my mind… I really want to ask my dr. if i can try this one next- it seems like alot of people have success with it and it is easy to tolerate. what happened with the topamax? did it end up doing anything?


Neuro said I need to get on 100mg of topamax to feel the benefits but at 100mg I was considerably worst. So I quit the topamax for two weeks and have now started again this time will stick to 50mg only and see how I go. If no success i will change to verapamil for which I’m collecting info on it. Many people have success on topamax with just 50mg so I am not surewhy some docs say anything below 100mg wont work

I take verapamil - 180 mg every night. It does help a little. I just started sertraline 2 weeks ago also and it’s helped a little with the fogginess.

I have been on verapamil for about 6 weeks now and I am soooo much better. Was completely homebound, and bedridden most days for 3 months. Within a few days of starting it chronic headache started to ease up and brain fog and severe dizziness improved. I am able to drive again, have been back to work part time for the last 3 weeks. On 80 mg twice a day. Still have dizziness and mild headaches but can function again.

Also, l haven’t had any side effects other than occasionally being more aware of my heartbeat. Would definitely recommend trying. Based on other posts there seems to be some variation in effectiveness between regular and extended release. I take regular.