Vertigo after 7 years of being vertigo free

I was so distressed and discouraged to wake up yesterday morning to see my bedroom slowly spinning. I don’t know what to make of this and there are so many unanswered questions, the main one why after 7 years is this back. The night before I knew something was off, my ears felt full, I felt on the edge of vertigo, there was cracking in my ears. I took a promethazine before going to bed hoping that would keep an attack away if it was coming. My attack wasn’t as bad as others have been and I figure that is probably because of the promethazine. When I woke and saw things moving I took 10 mgs of valium, slept for 4 hours and felt somewhat better when I woke though things were still moving slightly.

I hate this miserable disease so much and I hate that no doctor has ever been able to tell me for sure what the problem is. And now I have to start worrying all over again if another vertigo attack is right around the corner. I could have another one in the next five minutes or I might never have another one again, I hate this uncertainty. When I was at my worst I saw several ENT docts in the area, as well as neurologists and neurotologists, still no for sure answers. They all say something different. I’m just venting my frustration!!!

Sorry to see the beast make a comeback. Try to remember what you did last time to beat it. Did you ever get a VM diagnosis? Did you ever take any prescription meds last time, probably if it comes back you can consider getting back on those.

I made major dietary changes 8 years ago and also take a diuretic daily (I’ve tried other meds but couldn’t tolerate any of them). I think the diet/diuretic is what has helped for 7 years. Dairy is one thing I gave up though I have had some now and then. I recently started with real milk daily in my cereal because I don’t like all the additives in rice milk (which I’ve been using for 6 years). Maybe that’s what did it or maybe not but that’s the only change I can think of. I’m quite sure I won’t be having anymore dairy unless I can find out for sure it’s a “safe” food for me.

While the vertigo hasn’t been around for 7 years I have continued to live with motion intolerance and motion sickness pretty much daily. I can live with that to a degree but not the horrid, incapacitating, disabling out of the blue vertigo.

I’ve been diagnosed with meniere’s, mav, atypical meniere’s, delicate vestibular system, labyrinthitis, bppv, etc. I’ve also been told I don’t have most of those. I think this is quite common isn’t it? To be told this and that and nothing definitive. The ENG showed the problem is most likely central, not ear related.

The fact you were in remission means you can go back there.

You are one of the first guys for whom diuretics worked. Are you still on it, you can consider starting it.

Try leaving the dairy out. Try water overloading.

Also when in remission did you have imbalance (as if one leg is longer) while walking