Vertigo and Modified Epley Manuevers

I have the 15-year-old daughter who has been suffering from vertigo since Christmas Eve. She is improving very slowly, found out she had two ear infections, and is on antibiotics and other meds to keep the vertigo at bay. She has suffered from vertigo since she was about 12 - we think it was brought on by hormones - she used to have migraines when she was very little.

In light of the recent ear infections (her first), the doctor wants her to be doing the Modified Epley Manuevers. He thinks this will set her straight. The last time he tried this on my other daughter, she almost passed out. He’s a caring doctor, but I don’t think he completely understands the complexity of the symptoms to which we are dealing with. Ear infections with an underlying vertigo condition to begin with.

My question is this: has anyone ever tried the Modified Epley Manuevers and had any success? If so, do you have MAV or vertigo that is triggered by the inner ear?

what type of dr. is she seeing? she should try to go to a neurotologist not a general ent, they don’t know very much about balance disorders. does your daughter have bppv? otherwise i think the epley maneuver wouldnt help?

I completely agree! I have never heard of a modified Epley manoeuvre helping an ear infection. This sounds as though the Dr, as kind as he is, is out of his depth! I wouldn’t do this if I were you. Ask for a referral to a neurologist or neuro-tologist. ENT’s tend to have an obsession with BPPV in my experience and MAV isn’t something that they specialise in!

Where are you From? In England it is your right under the NHS constitution to be referred anywhere in the country. Other parts of the UK differ. An excellent MAV Dr who has clinics in London and Kent is Dr Surenthiran. You can be referred to him. There is also an excellent walk-in dizziness clinic in the Grays Inn Road, London. All you need is a letter from your Dr. They have ENT’s and neuro-tologists. Hope you get some help for your girls!


Unfortunately, we do not live in England (though it sounds helpful if we did :)). We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Her dr. is a general practitioner and we have been to two ENT’s in the past couple of years. One said that my other daughter did have “true” vertigo (as opposed to just being dizzy or lightheaded), but didn’t offer any other suggestions. The other ENT they both saw last year said that they are both hypersensitive individuals (both diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) and that things like allergies, barometric pressure, dry air, etc. will bother them much more than the normal person. She was right, and as frustrated as I was that she didn’t have any answers, she was indicating that it’s not just one thing that is wrong with them, but systemic.

We have seen numerous neurologists in the past. The latest one wanted to do something called an ENG with some sort of tilting, spinning chair. I said we wouldn’t be doing that and never went back. Another neurologist said that he would be a very rich man if he could find a cure for vertigo. His grown children and grandchildren all suffered from migraines and vertigo to some degree. Too bad he was older and not into research, he might have been a good one. I have ordered some Vitamin B2 to take in case that might help. Also had some vitamins on hand called “Lipo-Flavanoid” supposed to help with circulation in the inner ear. We’ll see.

Someone made a statement about BPPV and I agree that most doctors want to lump it in that category for lack of knowing what else to do with us. I am fairly certain this is either caused by their Fibromyalgia and that’s causing migraines and the vertigo or somehow the other way around. I just know that my oldest daughter’s vertigo started with a really bad migraine and left her with vertigo for ever after. The 15-year-old just started gradually showing signs of vertigo and becoming more constant and increasing in severity. Also, thanks for the confirmation on the Epley Manuevers! I don’t think we will be trying those. Things don’t need to be worse than they already are!

Did the neurologist explain why he wanted to do the ENG test? Testing is crucial to come up with a diagnosis. Yes it might make them feel worse temporarily but otherwise you won’t know what the problem is. Can you look up and see if there are any neurotologists in your area? you can also look up otoneurologists and otologists- maybe call your insurance and see if they can help? Why on earth would a primary care dr. be doing an epley they don’t have the training to be diagnosing or treating these disorders.

do your daughters have chronic pain and is that why they were diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

I think maybe he has had success with the Modified Epley Manuevers in treating elderly people (that’s mostly who it helps) with BPPV. As far as migraines and such, he knows the basics like any regular dr. We’ll see about another neurologist or the neuro-otologist, might be able to come up with an answer. My mom who has many of the same symptoms as my daughters (only worse) is scheduled to see a rheumy in a couple of weeks. See what they say. We all have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (daughters, me, mom); mine is the least severe. Skipped a generation, I guess. But, yes, they have all of the weaknesses, pain, fatigue, IBS, migraines, etc. of Fibromyalgia. It started when they were very young.

I tried the Epley manuevers in the early days before I was diagnosed with MAV, gave me no improvement but didn’t make things worse either.

I guessed it wasn’t going to work as to start with you need to know which side/ear is causing the problem, which wasn’t obvious to me, so I tried it both ways round. Waste of time for an ear infection IMO, let alone if migraine is the underlying cause.

dizzy girls how did u end up on the mav forum? did someone diagnose this in your girls? if so did anyone offer treatment?

are your girls able to go to school?

Definitely a migraineur, the Epley did help me a bit.