Vertigo Dizziness/Migraine Manifestation

My vertigo is off the wall. I tend to get the vertigo where everything is spinning around, a force is trying to pull me to the ground, and everything is rocking. I get all 3 types of dizziness at the same time and it has made my life a living hell. I know some people get one form of dizziness like spinning but has anyone gotten spinning, force trying to pull you down, and everything rocking all together simultaneously. I also wonder if something like MAV can manifest into a different type of migraine like a tension migraine. I would not mind my MAV turning into a painful migraine and the dizziness and light headed feeling be gone. I am living in this dream world that I will one day wake up with a new type of migraine and my vertigo will gone. I’d do anything to not be dizzy.


Sorry to hear that, Katie. For me, the “pull me to the ground” vertigo is the most common. I’d also describe it as being pushed hard from one side. Sometimes it feels like someone is pushing my head hard with a block of steel or something. The rocking is the second most common, and some basic level of rocking seems to occur pretty often, simultaneously with the pull/push type.

I don’t get the spinning around type vertigo too often. However, the few times I’ve had it, it’s come along with the pull/push, and it’s miserable. So I certainly feel you.

I feel exactly the same way about gladly trading this in for pain. Pain is so much more straightforward! This is hell. I spent months and months in a dreamlike dizzy world, and for a while started losing hope that normalcy was possible. But the good thing was, I did get 90% better for a while (before going back down again right now :evil: ). So hang in there, and find the right combo of diet/lifestyle + medication.

Hi Makeitgoaway:
Thanks for the reply. Yes this vertigo is a crazy illness to have. If you don’t mind me asking, what triggered your vertigo coming back. I am really sorry it has come back.


Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what caused it to come back. I’ve kept a detailed log of everything, and it doesn’t tell me much. One thing is possibly diet. I consume kefir, and also the occasional chocolate (say, a couple times a month) which I did even before the first episode and throughout the first episode. I’ve eliminated both now, though it’s been a few weeks and I don’t see much change. The other thing is, I believe I’m yet to find a medication that works. I thought amitriptyline worked the last time, because I got better within a couple of weeks of taking it. I then went off of it almost immediately because of the SEs. But I’ve been taking it for a couple months this time around, and see no change.