Vertigo during the dramatic finish

It seems lately I mostly feel pretty awesome EXCEPT for the sudden short attacks of violent vertigo. Very scary. Last weekend, I was at the opera (matinee, of course b/c I can’t stay up late). I noticed my neck was hurting a lot but attributed it to maybe straining it at the gym. Then, during first act, I could barely stay awake. I’m thinking “this singer is awesome! What’s wrong with me?” Can’t even keep my eyes focused. Get coffee during intermission and perk up. Then, a few hours later, the tenor stabs himself, sings a few more lines, and collapses. Dramatic orchestra music, and vertigo hits as curtain falls. Everyone’s clapping, and I’m sitting there holding my head. I do manage to get up for standing ovation for awesome soprano!

Later, I realized the neck pain and fatigue were part of aura: duh.

Anyway, I may sometimes be down, but never out. Look at me going to the opera after a busy week at work, taking care of kids, etc. At least the vertigo waited for the end. Take some Zofran and Immodium (vertigo causes GI distress), and I’m good to go.

I had to chuckle at your post because I have those “duh” moments all the time! “My neck is sure sore - must be from too much computer work or I slept funny” - then I reazlize it’s aura. Or like you I get extremely fatigued - STILL don’t clue in that it’s aura and I’ve had migraine for close to 30 years! Sometimes too I’ll be extremely agitated or cranky - figure I just had a bad day but then later on MAV hits. Such a confusing disease!