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Vertigo of Oculomotor origin


I find I can relate to so much of this. Most MAVers who have experienced Visual Vertigo in supermarkets should find the section entitled ‘The possible mechanisms of some vertigo related conditions’ (nearer the end than the beginning) fascinating. Very feasible hypotheses. Very feasible indeed. Helen

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My VOR issues were really obvious in the first year of MAV.

Amitriptyline was absolutely fantastic at dampening the unwanted mis-fired reflexes.

I went from completely unable to view a computer or television screen to slightly uncomfortable at 10mg to zero issues at 20mg (wrt to doing those two things).

I could literally feel the eye strain on the side of my bad ear lessening as the dose went up.

I think Amitriptyline has an excellent reputation for visual issues. Kathleen Digre, top US photophobia expert, recommends it a lot, in various medical papers. It certainly seems to have an equally good reputation on here as a MAV preventative. Brilliant drug for those that can tolerate it. Noritriptyline is a cousin but from what I’ve read and understand is actually quite different despite being same class of drug. I had really issues with both visual vertigo and photophobia over many long stretches of time most particularly with screens. I went through several sets of Olympics never able to watch as much as a quarter if what I wanted to on TV but the Propranolol sorted it eventually though not until I reached high doses. Last year I really got consistency watching our smaller TV in the dining room but it’s only this year I seem to be achieving the same with our big TV in the lounge. Helen

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The more often I delve into this article which relates in the main to people with Convergence Insufficiency (CI) the more I like it. It may well be a hypothesis but it explains so much. I would live to be able to discuss with somebody who is ‘in the know’. So much relates to MAV symptoms. I’ve read many times the majority of migraine sufferers need corrective lenses for one reason or another. How I would love to put all those struggling with MAV through extensive eye tests such as are conducted in hospital to check for CI. I’m sure most cannot have undiagnosed CI and wonder whether an acute state of MAV in itself can somehow replicate something similar by its very existence which then causes such similar symptoms. CI does occur in 5% of the population apparently and of minor can go a lifetime undiagnosed. I’m not suggesting it causes MAV but I reckon it can exacerbate symptoms and impede getting it under control. Helen

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