Vertigo out of nowhere

Does anybody know of any theories about why migrainers get vertigo? What is the mechanism?

I felt fine this morning went to work for a meeting,5 minutes into the meeting I got slammed with vertigo that came out of nowhere with no warning whatsoever.I slept well I was relaxed about the meeting.I almost fell out of my chair and had to lie down for 2 hours and was still a little wobbly after.

Am taking verapamil 240mg and ami 37.5mg,Last year I was on 50mg of the ami.Am seeing my Neruro in May.
It just sucks that it happens when a person is feeling good.I hate this crap.

The sudden vertigo is the worst. I am ok with daily annoyance because it is more predictable! But when you are feeling good and get slammed with it is the worst! I feel your pain!

I’ve had some of that lately too. Sleep well, exercise, don’t eat the “migraine” foods that day, and then bam…and all I want to do is lay down in bed. And then other days, I can eat pizza and chocolate and watch an action movie, and I feel ok. I’ve been dealing with this for years, and other than knowing that it’s sometimes related to my hormones, I still often can’t figure it out. It’s so frustrating.

As always it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one.Thanks for the replies.I’m hoping somewhere someone is in a lab trying to figure this crap out.

Did you have a migraine the day before? Or just a dull head? Have you had a migraine or bad head the day after the vertigo?
The trigger could be further back than you think. If I get a bad attack, I often find that the whole thing had started a lot earlier than I thought.


How was the lighting in the meeting room? I can be feeling relatively normal and all I need is poor fluorescent light, glare from the sun, the glow of a computer screen etc etc and bam I feel awful. Sometimes it’s so hard to identify the triggers, it’s so bloody frustrating. I feel for you.

Helen just reminded me of a time when I developed vertigo from sun glaring into a window behind someone I was talking to, so I couldnt get away from it. Yes, this is another trigger.


Some fluorescent lights really bother me, but some don’t - my dizziness is under control, but not headaches. And recently I went to a multiple day thing that had me trashed because their lights DID bother me. That got me going on ordering a spare pair of glasses so I can try the FL-41 tint (they’ve been mailed to Moran Eye Center in Utah for the tint to be applied). I hope looking at the world through rose colored glasses will help more than my outlook!


Thanks for all your kind replies and all the advice on figuring it out.It’s a badly written mystery novel as far as I am concerned.
I actually had been feeling a little offish the previous 2 days on reflection,like something was lurking,neck feeling a bit funny.

The lighting was florescent and lots of sunlight coming into the room.
I also don’t get headaches anymore,just an aura occasionally.

The meeting was just a teachers meeting,feel comfortable with everyone except my boss of course.
Maybe he triggered it we have had lots of conflicts the past few years.I just try to smile and get through it.So I guess there was some underlying tension and stress going in there.
It’s the first big one I have had since last summer,hope it’s the last,wishful thinking I know but it could happen!

I did go to the gym today and taught my class tonight,little nervous but I did it.This crap is not going to defeat me!

Hi James.

This will be quick as I’m feeling dizzy. :roll: But before I even knew I had MAV, meetings were awful because I would get this dizzy feeling and feel like I was going to pass out. I have a lot of meetings where I work. Most of the time, I would just have to look down but I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t listening so it was very hard and damn right scary. I’m now on a medical leave but completely scared of when I have to go back and attend a meeting. Hopefully I’ll have it under control by than.

Glad you were able to teach class. Hang in there.