Vertigo Relapse

Hi Guys,

I have not had intense vertigo for a number of years. But after watching the 3d Film “Alice in Wonderland”…the next morning i woke up with a strong vertigo episode as i was turning to my right in bed… and it made me very, very sick to my stomach! I had to take 2 days off work…and gradually i began to improve and then a few days later had to be tested for Sleep Apnea…but that was a Bust because i could not sleep for the sake of me (had wires all over me) I dozed off a couple of times…that was it. I lost a day of sleep. So that was another set back.

Anyway…i’m still not feeling quite right with feeling of Vertigo trying to return. So the last 2 days I have been performing a particular Vestibular exercise …there called “Brandt Dorff” exercises and they always seem to help me to some degree and it calms the vertigo down so i can get better. My question …if a person like myself who has been diagnosed with “Migraine Equivalnet” or MAV…is it possible for Vestibular exercises to give someone relief when having bouts of vertigo? Maybe what i really have is a Vestibular Silent Migraine?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Joe,

Sorry to hear about the bad effect from the movie. The same thing happened to me after watching Avatar in 3D only it left me screwed up for a good 5 days I think it was. It definitely trashed my weekend after seeing it on a Friday night. I’m not sure why the exercises help but if you feel they do then go for it. I think these sorts of events do cause some sort of decompensation where the brain just loses it. It’s already struggling to keep the eyes and ears working in harmony while migraine constantly plays havoc and then when we throw something 3D at it everything goes nuts for a while. I doubt I’ll be doing any 3D films again for a long while if at all.


Me neither - I think the weirdness of the film (Alice) plus the fact it was in 3D combined to make it a certain MAV inducer. Didn’t Lewis Carroll have migraine now I come to think of it, what with all the weird play on size. I was reading about Alice in Wonderland Syndrome - I’m sure I had it when I was a child - I’d wake up in the night feeling my hands and arms were too big for my body. Maybe that was a childhood migraine thing. Also had it when I was suffering dreadfully from hyperemesis gravidas when pregnant - all I’m sure related to MAV…

Or maybe I’m just MAD AS A HATTER :evil:


Totally off topic but i wont be watching that film as i hated it as a child and i dont like lewis carrol either! save your money and dont go , problem solved :lol:
I have heard of alice in wonderland syndrome wow its weird but you know when i was younger I used to feel like my head was too big for my body when i was trying to sleep and i used to feel like i was sinking or getting sucked into the bed forgot about it till you said that, it happened a lot when i was trying to sleep and i hated it how bizzare!

Hi Blondie and others,

I think you’re right about Lewis Carroll and migraine with aura. I think the “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome” is a quite apt description of the weirdness of aura - including odd derealisation and depersonalisation. I also have many times had the very uncomfortable sensation that my skull is shrinking while my brain is expanding. Is quite maddening but luckily doesn’t last for long.


Hi Scott,

I have been performing the Vestibular Exercises (Brandt-Dorff) all week and it definitely has given me some relief. This exercise helps to bring out the Vertigo so i can resume to a sense of MAV-Normal. Walking around feeling like your going to go into a spin each and every day is dreadful. For some reason when doing these exercise and laying flat down on my left side i experienced some vertigo where as laying flat down on my right side there was no vertigo at all. Generally it’s just the opposite…my right ear is generally the more troubled ear. This sounds alot like BPPV…but i’ve been tested for this and the doc’s said that i do not have it. MAV has some BPPV overtones to it…in my opinion.



The Vestibular exercises that i’ve been using the last few days have helped subside with the vertigo but doesn’t take away the general MAV. I’m wondering if i not only have Migraine…but on rough MAV days… it brings on Benign Positional Vertigo like symptoms?