Vertigo spells -- Headache following

[size=150]Have had three vertigo spells within ten days. This after two months of no vertigo. Had pretty bad migraine after each episode but controlled okay with over the counter pain meds.

Crummy nightmares are part of the lot. Dr. thinks beta blockers may be responsible but it is probably not related .

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HI Raven,

I had terrible nightmares when I first started taking beta blockers…they went on for nearly a month :frowning:

Raven – nightmares are well-documented as a side effect of beta blockers unfortunately. Hope they stop soon.


[size=150]Hi and thanks for info re Beta Blockers. Maybe the medicine is playing a part. The medicine is helpful and I would not want to go off of it, but maybe a test-run would be a good idea. The nightmares are soooo bad that I awake very shaken and uncomfortable.[/size]