Very high mold spore count affecting MAV?

Finally, the tree pollen count has been low, and now the mold spores are very high. I’ve felt groggy, spacey, tired, and had some motion sensitivity I haven’t had in awhile. I want to swim outside tomorrow, but I’m not sure if that will be a good idea. Been swimming indoors, which is killing me, but it’s been cool, windy and cloudy here in the Northeast, and the outdoor pool temps are in the mid 70’s. Do high mold spores affect MAV?

Shoot, gal, the symptoms sound like MAV, or like allergy, or like allergy getting at your system so you’re more vulnerable to MAV.
Or maybe you’re just expiating your sins in this world to get a start on purgatory–or to remind you to get in all the sinning you can while you have the wherewithal.

One advantage to swimming indoors–not big enough to send me back there yet–is that the local outdoor pool has narrower lanes and no guide lines/flags, so I have to keep pulling my head up to keep from careening of the lane dividers–and to make sure I don’t smash my head into the ends. Until I realized how this affects me I wondered why I cover less territory outdoors.

Still getting pleasure form your suggestions. . . .

So David, the extreme choppiness of the outdoor pools don’t bother you at all? With my motion sensitivity, it becomes exhausting somedays, if not almost unpleasant. Do you swim in a “real” lap pool, just designed for lap swimming? Mine is a 25 yard pool, but open to all in the development, with one lap for lap swimming - separated by a clothesline-type lap lane. Very choppy.