Very Nervous

This Friday I have to have a colonostomy done …as I have been having abdominal pain for a good long time now. At first I thought it was all part of this MAV but the pain is not like an upset stomach or that my bowel is irritated it is pain and has sent me to the ER three times over the last six months. So there for the test has to be done…the pain is constant and daily and I have gotten to the point where I do not feel like eating and I am very fatigued.

I hate the prep for a number of reasons not knowing how my dizzys are going to respond with not solid food for a day or so and plus the nausea I already have to be worse. The test itself I know is not a big deal usually as you are well sedated. Last time I had it five years ago there was no pain there…I am very worried about what they may find as I have long felt all of this that is going on with my health is somehow tied to my abdominal issues…i.e the vibrating, pain, hot and cold area daily, and none of this ever happened until I had my attack two years ago. At night I have a very distinct pulsation in the areas where there is pain. So needless to say I am worried.

I would be nervous too. It’s hard to be optimistic when you feel so pessimistic. I know for me, when I get nervous or anxious I use mindful meditation which usually helps a bit, at least temporarily. Hopefully they will find out what is causing your pain and it won’t be a big medical problem. I will keep you in my thoughts. Please keep us posted.

Hard one to handle.

OTOH, you sound as though you have zeroed in on one scenario.

Maybe it would be helpful to consider a raft of other possibilities, if you can’t let go and just wait, so you don’t feel so stuck with your present worries. It’s a simple as, I’ve had some lousy phlebotomists but also some who were so good that I didn’t even feel the needle going in.

Just to wish you well on Friday Timeless. At least it’s good this is being investigated and hopefully it might come up with an answer one way or the other to end all the speculation. It must be awful not knowing exactly what’s going on. My daughter had the same procedure earlier in the year. Conclusion was IBS. It’s only natural to be nervous, especially with the added stress of not eating solid food for a couple of days. Sometimes the waiting beforehand is the hardest part. All the best for Friday and let’s hope it leads to some resolution.


Good luck!
I’m pretty damn nervous myself - I have an important meeting regarding my finances (need to prove I’m sick, etc.) in 35 minutes. Ugh!

Hey Timeless,

Hope your procedure went well. I certainly can understand your concerns because of having to prep for this Colonoscopy. I sure hope there were no issues. Please let us know how it all went.