Vestibular migraine diagnosis

I’m new here
Iv had vertigo and headaches and dizziness, drop attacks, ringing in ears for 6 weeks
Feel so exhausted and off balance. Like car sick all the time. On betahistine and about to start propranolol
Does anyone know the side effects?

Sorry to hear you are suffering with vestibular issues. It’s a rough ride all the stuff that affects our balance and can certainly get you down. You should find a list of side effects on the patient info leaflet that is contained in the packet with the pills. However my best advice to you would be to just try the drug and see how you get on it with and not read the side effects first. Such lists tend to put people off giving a drug a try which can be a great pity as these drugs can often relieve many symptoms and restored the sufferers quality of life. All drugs can have side effects but not everybody experiences them. I’ve taken Propranolol at high doses for about seven years now without side effects. I appreciate it’s a bit daunting taking drugs and, for the anxiety prone more than a little scary, but if your medical advisor has suggested you try I’d give it a go. Best approach the drug as a help mate, the way to gain some control over your symptoms rather than something that is going to cause you additional problems. A positive mind set can really help, Good luck with the Propranolol. It’s a long established preventative which gets good reviews.