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Vestibular migraine, palpitations, botox

I wanted to share a link to a cse study of how dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system during migraine can cause palpitations, but we can’t add links in posts??

Anyway, there is also some great videos on YouTube by a cardiologist called sanjod gupta about ectopic beats - what causes them, why they feel like they do, and that they are harmless. He explains that ectopics are caused by the autonomic nervous system, so when it is affected by stimuli like caffeine or anxiety, it triggers ectopics. He doesn’t mention migraine but it’s well known that migraines affect the autonomic nervous system which causes symptoms such as flushing, teary eyes, nausea, diarrhea etc. So it makes perfect sense that migraines can cause palpitations like ectopics. Those youtube videos also say that not everyone feels ectopics, they can see them on an ECG but not feel them in their chest, yet other people feel them. This is because some people have a more sensitive nervous system, caused by things like anxiety. During a migraine, our nervous system is hyper sensitive, which could be why some people feel palpitations. Basically - migraine causes palpitations because of its effect on the nervous system. Why on earth doctors don’t know this, or accept this, i don’t understand…

That’s probably all to do with site security. You should find once you’ve been a member of a while you get granted additional privileges which will mean you are able to add in links. @turnitaround is Forum Leader. He’ll explain. Helen

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Sure you can add links to posts (you’ve seen them all over the site, haven’t you?), but as @Onandon03 eludes to, this is sometimes contrained by your Trust Level (which increases as you spend time using the features of the site). However, I notice you are Trust Level 1 now and at that level you are allowed to post links. Did you get any kind of error? What did you do, just cut and paste the link into the editor? (‘Composer’) That should work.

Ah ok that explains it.

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You really have been through the mill with this condition. If you don’t mind me asking, and I ask because our journey has many similarities, what were you diagnosed with initially. I was twelve years misdiagnosed as BPPV, and untreated myself and we are both in UK and I’m appalled at doctors lack of recognition of this condition. Although we cannot change the past it’s so frustrating to think, despite what I’ve since read to the contrary, that had our condition been picked up sooner, it would have been easier to treat when episodic rather than chronic. Helen

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I was misdiagnosed with eustachian tube dysfunction and congestion. Told it could take months to go and there was nothing could be done. I was told that repeatedly for years every time i had a flare up. Its never been episodic for me, but i was given decongestant sprays to take for 6 months, which are actually migraine triggers so that didn’t help. When i saw a different doctor she said to me “i wouldn’t have had you take that for more than a few weeks.” she would have told me to return when my symptoms didn’t improve in a matter of weeks, not wait months on end. I felt like the gp I saw didn’t take me seriously and fobbed me off. The other gp didn’t know what was wrong with me but she sent me straight to an audiologist, and when i suggested it could be vestibular migraine (i had to tell her and she googled it) she sent me to a neurologist. She was very thorough examining me and asking how much it affected my life. Thr other gp barely bothered except to look in my ears. As far as he was concerned, ear pressure, dizziness and head pressure was congestion and i had to wait it out. They aren’t educated enough about migraines (they think they are just one sided head pain) and certainly don’t take dizziness seriously. I should have returned to the gp and insisted more, but i trusted he was correct and since i was repeatedly told on 5 different occasions over the years that it was congestion and nothing could be done, i gave up going to the gp because it was just wasting time.

I wonder if i had been diagnosed earlier, if i would have been treated easier. Or if the decongestants have contributed to me being stuck like this for so long.

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Oh, different misdiagnosis but much the same as me. I was told BPPV ‘and ‘there’s nothing we can do about that’, and I believed them and went away. If I ever mentioned it again the response would be do you need more Buccastem tablets, Run Out? Trouble is, untreated, I found it gradually just got worse and worse. I think it does that. Doubt decongestants caused that for you. I’d reckon just natural progression of the condition. The trouble gets doubly worse once it affects one’s ability to be active and then it tends to be a downward spiral because eventually psychological factors kick in. As you say doctors prove woefully inproficient with recognition of the condition which hinders any moves towards a solution. Helen

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OMG I GOT ECTOPOCS WITH VM TOO!!! are.yours better???

Gpd to know i’m not the only pne. Mine come and go in varying patterns depending on my dizziness. They’re caused by your nervous system being sensitised because of mav.

Do you take magnesium and does it help

No i don’t take it. I tried riboflavin but it upset my stomach so i haven’t wanted to try any other supplements. You can get a blood test to see if you have low magnesium.

I haven’t found a single thing that’s helped me yet.

That’s more to find out if you are seriously deficient and may have a different serious health problem - not a good test for migraine. Put another way, you can still get some results even though you test “normal” for magnesium. Pierangelo Geppetti, MD discusses this in day 5 of the migraine world summit.

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I didn’t know that, i thought it was only beneficial if you were deficient. The recommended doses of vitamins for migraine is so high i don’t know how anyone tolerates them.

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How are u feeling have the ectopic slowed down is your autonomic system better

Omg this is me. Because of the fear we get ectopic? Do you have ear pain and pressure from vm x