Vestibular migraine/ vestibular issues

Hi there!
Just wanted to know a little bit more information about vestibular migraine medications and things that help!
I have just started taking magnesium 400mg a day and B - complex ( im on my third day so is a little early to tell about any improvements)
Can anybody tell me what helped you with head pressure and head fogginess ?
Please and thank you.

Please read our wikis and do a search on the two terms. We aren’t doctors but all of us are living what you’re going through. You’ll find a huge wealth of information here.



Hi and welcome.

Neurologist told me two months needed on any supplements before you can really know. I’ve read some good reviews of magnesium. Medical papers in which participants have managed to control their symptoms without any other intervention. In many countries the taking of supplements for MAV seems almost mandatory. In the UK much less so than say the US. Generally however supplements are used as an adjunct to such preventatives such as Propranolol, Amitriptyline, Topiramate etc.

There are no specific drugs that help specific symptoms. The head pressure is the migrainous aspect and often persistent. Personally I know if I have any head pressure whatsoever my balance will be way off. No head pressure and I’m OK balance-wise. This however is not generally obvious at the outset or at least was not to me.

If you use the Search facility you can interrogate all the archive material on site for everybody’s experience of head pressure or any other subject with which you are particularly concerned. Lots of information there to absorb.

Thank you so much for all the information.