Vestibular Neuronitis made me scared of stomach bug/vomit?

Okay so this came up after my whole experience with the vestibular neuronitis. After being so uncomfortable and dizzy and nauseous on the couch for 2 months because of the vn that I think after it gave me almost ptsd a little. I think I associate the unpleasantness of a stomach bug or being sick with how I felt when I first had my inner ear issue and somehow associate the two. I guess I must subconsciously think that if I get the stomach bug that I will be stuck with that uncomfortable feeling -like the vn- for 2 months again ! Even though they aren’t really the same experience, it has kind of turned me into an emetaphobe in a way. Has anyone else experienced this after feeling so uncomfortable with the initial vestibualr neuronitis that you are now scared and almost associate the two? I know they aren’t the same but the sheer unpleasantness of the stomach bug brings back feelings of my vestibular neuronitis and scares me so! I am refraining from seeing my nieces and nephew because of this fear of vomiting that could potentially be from a stomach flu. That’s another thing if someone pukes because they are drunk it doesn’t bother me because I can’t catch it. Please answer if any of you have experienced this at all!! I don’t know what to do…

Not quite the same thing, but I’ve found that on a bad day, I can’t swim the side stroke on my right side without risking reflux. Reflux had never been a problem, and I find it a whole lot uglier/more unpleasant/scary than puking.
The last time it happened, it was pretty bad, and I cut short my swim.
The next day, I went back out and was pretty nervous about even trying the side stroke again, not to mention right side down. But I tried it and was okay. Whew.

Yesterday I went swimming and (I rotate through the various strokes) when I got to the right side, I started feeling unsettled again. This time I stopped early–halfway across the pool, not even halfway through the lap–I switched to my left side, which was okay. And i was able to complete the length of swim I try to manage.

This illness is so hard on us, limiting our capabilities, that I’m damned if I’m going to cower without judiciously checking out what I can and can’t do–at least if I’m not putting anyone at risk by doing so.

Thanks for writing back, like you said it is odd how much stuff can change after this. Everything I took for granted because I didn’t know any better. Man would I have loved to have those years back so I could enjoy them…If you don’t mind me asking I noticed your information at the bottom of your reply said you have epilepsy? I’m supposed to start gabapentin for the sensory issuses with the migraines and it being an anticonvulsant/antiepileptic med I was curious if you had tried it before. If you had and had a bad experience with it please try not to scare me lol, I’m sooooo nervous to take it!! I went to mass eye and ear and they wrote me the prescription about man, a year ago! I have been too nervous to take it but lately I think I really need to try something! It’s a very low mg so at least that is a plus.

Hi Lauren,

I understand your fear of getting a stomach bug and anything else for that matter, thinking it may make your migraine worse/bring it on. A lot of the battle with migraine is mental - you have to be be sensible but not let it rule your life.

Hang in there! :slight_smile:

Lauren, I totally empathize with how you feel! I was out for my normal run (was a runner for almost 30 years!) when I began to run like a drunken sot. When I stopped, I was hit with 24 hours of nonstop whirling vertigo. I am terrified to run again. I did try to run a few times and ended up off balanced for hours.

I was also dx’d with VN a few years back–it hit while I was sick with an URI. Lasted almost a year. It was not as bad as yours, but my life nearly ground to a halt for most of that time. I avoid anyone who is sick, sounds sick, coughs, etc. I don’t want to lose another year of my life if I can avoid it. I know I’m being neurotic, but I can’t seem to break the connection between getting an upper resp infection and getting vn again.