Vestibular Testing make Mav worse?

I posted a little over a week ago about my symptoms. I had an appt at the National Dizzy and Balance Center here in MN yesterday. They started with the Vestibular testing and now today I feel awful! During the testing they made it seem as though it would not be too bad and it was terrible. Made me so dizzy! Just wondering if this is “normal”?
I was already told it is looking like MAV by the doctor just based on my symptoms. I have the rest of the testing and diagnosis next Tuesday.

I’ve seen other posts (either here or in the Facebook groups) where people say that the testing affected them and increased their dizziness for a period of time. It’s good that you have another appointment next week because you can keep track this week of your symptoms and report that to the doctor next week. It may be another clue for your diagnosis.

Thanks for your response, I may have to look at some older posts, I do enjoy reading all I can!

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It was on here. I can’t recall who said it happened to them, but it was said that sometimes it’ll induce more dizziness for roughly a week or 2 give or take.

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