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Vibration because of voice

Sorry for opening a new thread but wanted to ask since I didn’t find any thread about it. Am i the only one who has vision problems/more dizziness when talking cause of the vibration that speech creates? I feel like when I am taking a haircut and the shaving machine touches your skull especially in the base, men can relate.

There are some people who have reported sound induced dizziness on here.

The weird is that is not happening because of the noise but because of the vibration. Its really disturbing.

Very off putting without doubt. I always think any visual interference is. I’m very sensitive to vibration. Most recent was walking on vibrating floor.

Is this getting better? I cant even move my eyes when I talk. I get disoriented, i am a really bad psychological situation these days I dont think I can handle it.

Kon, I remember this symptom well. I remember speaking with customers and my management during a project presentation and thinking “would this just end” with anxiety settling over me. I started actually hating to talk with people since it would literally make me dizzier also while trying to focus my eyes on them while talking became too taxing.

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Do you still have it? I just want it to go away and not get used to it @Naejohn

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Yes @Kon, it did go away. I know you’re tired of hearing the same old responses… but truly for me there was only 2 things that worked. Time and the right medication.


I actually came on here to search for this, I have this too


btw, I used to get terrible rumbling/vibrations in my ear from riding on our underground (metro). These lessened and disappeared with time.

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I searched for this and I found that its common if you have superior canal syndrome if I remember correctly.

Yep. That’s the one where you can hear your own eye balls moving around. It’s very rare, some thinning of bones around the ear there somewhere I believe. If @turnitaround had had that I wouldn’t have imagined he would have improved so well on a low dose of Amitriptyline and a good dose of recovery time somehow though. Helen

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I’ve not quite had that but 2nd ever relapse was quite horrendous and I couldn’t even walk but I started to be less severe I remember the vibration from my own footprint would make my brain shake it was that sensitive. I am especially sensitive to any movements even now albeit not nearly as severe as I have been in the past.