Virusy Head

I am still trying to sort out whether this is part of the MAV or the CFS. Does anyone on here get a weird head like they are coming down with a virus? Hot flushed cheeks, virusy feeling like the next day they will be hit with a full blown virus?
This happens after either a lot of physical work or a stressful event (in my case over an hour in the opticians ending up a jibbering mess after trying to explain the dizziness and get the glasses altered etc.) It didnt hit me till the next day. That evening of the following day was absolutely convinced I was going down with something nasty, but after a night of sleep, woke with just feeling tired (virusy feeling gone), this has happened to me hundreds of times and each time I am 100% sure I will haved a nasty virus the next day.


Hi Christine

Not sure if it’s the same but on a number of occasions I have days where I feel like I’m starting to get a cold. I generally don’t feel right and I get the kind of tired, stuffy, unwell feeling in my head that I normally get with colds. However the other usual symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, cough, watery eyes etc never appear so I don’t think it can be frequent colds. In fact the general feeling of being unwell disappears after 1-2 days. Sometimes this unwell feeling reoccurs every 2-3 weeks and it’s happened to me prior to the MAV so for me I don’t think they are connected. I’ve never really thought about whether it occurs after a particular event or activity but I can only really remember it occurring in the busy months at work. However I may only really remember it then as that’s when i don’t have time to be off sick!

In the past few years prior to the MAV, I have suffered from fatigue and tachycardia on different occasions and after 3 ECG’s and many blood tests over the years, the doctors keep saying they are caused by viruses which should get better by themselves after a few weeks


Hi Jeni,

Yes, thats the same feeling. It looks like it is more likely part of the CFS judging by the lack of replies to this post.

The drs. said to you the viruses should get better in a few weeks! They reckon CFS is caused by a retro virus hanging about in the cells, like for years.

Looks as though MAV for most people, stands on its own.

Oh well, two weird illnesses to find the answers to now :roll:



Hi Christine, sorry for the late reply

My experience is a little different and I wouldn’t say I get a virusy head as such, but I do get periods of immense fatugue/jelly legs/aching muscles with this. I might have a couple of days of feeling like I really can’t get out of bed it’s so bad, like having flu, but then it goes and I’m all energetic again.

Not quite sure how this links in with the MAV either, but these symptoms were the precursor to this MAV relapse for me. I had about a year of getting these periods of total fatigue which were seemingly linked to my menstrual cycle at that point. Sometimes I was headachey with them but not always. Anyway, my GP insisted it wasn’t anthing to do with migraine and told me I had PMT - yeah right. Anyway, these episodes got more frequent and the headaches joined in and then wham bam, back into continuous MAV.

Like you really, I’m keen to get to the bottom these symptoms as I’m not sure whether this is MAV itself or whether something else going on that I need to get to grips with.



Its interesting that your fatigue came first and then you got the MAV, maybe the MAV is part of something else. I have been diagnosed with CFS but only I think because they didnt know what else to do with me!

Like you, I get the fluey feeling, aching legs and fatigue. Its usually after I have done too much either the day before, or the day before that, then I have a couple of days of fatigue then bounce back, but can go back down quickly if I do too much again. In the background of all this is a low grade ongoing head (either thick head, background head, sometimes no pain just bit dizzy) and sweating if I try and push through.

Did you have any symptoms of migraine as a child? Car sickness? Abdominal pains? for instance.


I get this way with my allergies - right now i am feeling absolutely horrible like i have the flu - my head feels like it’s going to burst! my body feels horrible too


Chris, is there any association to when you get the fluey feeling to you doing too much physical, stressful or mental (eg too long on computer), a day or two before? Or has it just come on, even when you have had a restful week?



I can 100% relate to your description. I have this very often since being dx with MAV. Unlike unrelenting sxs of dizziness, the “virusy head” is worse some days than others, but always there to some degree. I definitely view it as a MAV sx.


Migraine can do strange things to us - sinus congestion for one. Fatigue for another.

Check out the MAV Fact Sheet section on this website, especially Dr. John Carey’s “Migraine - More Than a Headache.”

Liza, do you get fluey symptoms after exercise?

Maryalice, I get sinus congestion, blocked nose sometimes. The virusy head is different. Its that type of headache that you get when you have a virus.