Quick question - I have had trouble with my vision over the last few days. Do you think this is related to the migraine? I had lasik surgery almost 2 years ago and I would think I would have trouble again. it is far away things I cannot see, things look fuzzy - but this is really only when I am feeling poorly.


Tricky question! It could be migraine or your vision. I would have your optometrist check it out either way. If your vision has changed, the strain on your eyes could potentially give you a headache. It is a bit odd that you said it fluctuates with how you are feeling. I would still have it checked out just to be sure.

I too would have it checked out, but I know the worse I feel the worse I see.


Never hurts to have it checked …

Could be Lasik, could be migraine. Could be something else! Doesn’t hurt to get it checked out.

I had PRK in 1996 and became more sensitive to light as a result. I’ve always had lots of visual floaters. I also get (pre and since MAV) classical migraines with scintillating scotoma (had a killer one two days ago, on my birthday no less and while holidaying in Paris!). A few years ago I also had optic neuritis (or retinal migraine, the MRI isn’t conclusive). So, yeah, see above re my advice on getting it checked out - is probably nothing but better safe than sorry!