Anyone feel like they constantly have one eye stronger than the other?

It feels weird but it feels like there is something wrong with my eyes


Hi matey,

Yes me and no doubt miss moss too as we share the same symptoms. My eyes are always off xxx

I don’t feel like one eye is stronger but I defo feel my vision is not right, sometimes I almost feel like the majority of the dizziness comes from my eyesight if that makes sense and my vision is def blurry at times…it’s weird, sometimes I just feel my vision is really off but I can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong, confusing bloody condition!!!

Aaahh its so annoying!!

I also get shimmering!! Lights are the worst!! Shimmering is constant!!

Rob - do you mean like a white halo around things? That’s what I get, I look at someones face for example and it has a halo around it?!

I get tv static/visual snow over everything. It’s much worse in darker/dimmer lighting. So frustrating! Also just started to get rocking vision where things shift side to side. What shimmering do u get? Xx

Cant really explain it. Its like beams of light coming from the light. Lights are sparkling

I am sensitive to light, especially during the really bad attacks. I remember wearing sunglasses a lot at the beginning. Sometimes I will randomly feel my eyes are more sensitive and like Lizzie I do feel that my eyes are blurry or off but not sure how or why. It’s as though they de-focus to block out the dizziness. I don’t feel there is anything actually wrong with my sight though. Like if I had an eye test I am sure it would be fine so it’s pretty hard to define. I guess it’s the way the brain is receiving the signals that is off x

I dont understand why i get mav symptoms when im not feeling bad. I have some of these symptoms 24/7

Hi all, that’s what I find hard too rob, really my dizziness is getting a lot better but the eyes and the tingling can be pretty much constant too - actually I may ask dr s about this when I see him next - does anyone know? X

So jealous u are all improving dizziness wise! I’m not at all. It’s crap! That visual thing sounds really frustrating! I am beginning to realise that migraine can pretty much do anything and everything!!! Not fun. I have pins and needles over my whole leg today! Grrr. Right off to the shops, going to be a dizziness extravaganza but I’m bloody sick of this thing stopping me living so I’m fighting on!!! Xxxx

My eyes have trouble looking at something for a long time. They want to jump off the target.

I took the wife for a meal and theatre for her birthday the other day. I nearly had to leave i was in a bad way!!

Hey guys n gals,

I think I mentioned before- I most definately get the 1 eye feels stronger than the other- and the reason I know it’s not my actual eyesight and is my brain- is because a. they swap! and b. I’ve had my eyes tested by about 12 different opticians and in the beginning when I got hit with the big vertigo attack, I went to Moorfields Eye Hospital as an emergency patient and they did every test under the sun to check it wasn’t a visual issue going on as well.

I’m crap with the theatre too Rob- I went to see a comedian the other night in Leics sq… a dark room, staring at 1 bloke who is lit up- within about 15mins, I had him in double vision, and weird shimmers going on. Stuck with it, but felt like crap after. Not very funny :slight_smile:

What did you see @ the theatre?

Hey missmoss!!

Went to see jersey boys!! I’m not normally a lover of the theatre but it was quality!! Definitely recommend it!! Its not MAV friendly though. :frowning:

What comedian did you see?

Hey you two :slight_smile:

Same with me! Can’t focus on anything .

Hey Anna :smiley:

It feels like my eyes arnt working together!! So annoying!!

I have forgotten what its like to be normal :frowning:

Sounds good!

Tell you what I don’t recommend for MAVers… STOMP!! 1.5hrs of banging of dustbin lids, lol

I went to see Jerry Sadowitz… Not everyones cuppa tea- a lot of people walked out. I advise you not to google him!

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Tell you what I don’t recommend for MAVers… STOMP!! 1.5hrs of banging of dustbin lids, lol

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Tell you what I don’t recommend for MAVers… STOMP!! 1.5hrs of banging of dustbin lids, lol

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Yeah… I had a classical pounding migraine for roughly 10 days straight after that one :slight_smile: