Visit to the carob bean?

Chocolate seems to be a basic no-no for most migraineurs (I don’t count white choc). Carob is a damned poor substitute, but beggars . . . . My concern is, it is a bean, and it tastes a bit like fig. Can anyone report experience with it, one way or t’other?


Never tried carob but apparently carob is free from phenylethylamine which can trigger migraines. As an aside, I have been fine using a chickory/dandelion mix as a coffee substitute. Totally different I know but thought I’d throw that in for those who miss coffee.


Hi David , I tried it years aog, it tastes like an OLD bit of chocolate, left in the sun.
well that was years ago, maybe they’ve improved the taste some what.
jen :smiley:

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Thanks, guys.

I recently made with a mix of chicory and–gasp–a tad of decaf, and it still tasted like feh. i.e. not at all like New Orleans coffee, which I rather like(d). Is that toasted dandelion root you use, Scott, or how do you transform the plant into a beverage?

I agree, Jen, that carob is to chocolate as . . . . Given, though, that I used to just about inhale cocoa powder, and now am reduced to eating a bit of white chocolate–which I used to spurn, and still would like to minimize due to the higher-fat/ lower omega diet I’m on since replacing nuts and seeds with fish and meat, it seems worth trying (to make this sentence longer yet–nah, too much is enough).

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Scott, or how do you transform the plant into a beverage?

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I use this stuff. I think you could have it shipped OS if necessary:

**Bonvit Dandelion Blend MEDIUM **

They use it at the local cafes here at Bondi Beach just like regular coffee by loading it up into the cappuccino machine. The taste is just as satisfying for me as a coffee once was minus the caffeine jolt (that was good) but no crushing headaches the next day.


Thanks, Scott.

As for carob, today I tried mixing carob powder and white choc. Not bad!