Visit with Neuro - 9 mon. follow-up

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I come back often to see how others are doing. I had a follow-up visit with my neuro today. It was supposed to be at 6 mon. but scheduling conflicts bumped it to 9 mon. It was a good visit. My doctor was very happy with the progress that I have made on 20 mg of Cymbalta. We went over all of my original symptoms again and were able to wipe many of them off the table…they are just not there anymore. I still have some dizziness when I get headaches, which isn’t frequently anymore and I still feel a little off if I’m around visual stimulation that I’m not used to. For example, while walking through the hospital I had to walk through a long tunnel/corridor and that kind of felt weird, like things were a little jumpy…but then I was fine. I’m okay in the grocery store now though, so who knows.

My doctor still seems to think that my dizziness originated with a virus, which triggered neck spasms/pain, which then triggered migraines/dizziness. He would like me to try PT again, which I’m a little hesistant about. The last time I tried PT was during the worst of the dizziness and it really seemed to make me feel worse. He seems to think that since everything has “cooled down”, the therapy might be able to help wipe out the rest of the dizziness that I’m experiencing, or the “leftovers” as he called it. I’m up in the air about it. When my doctor examined my neck, he said the one side still feels pretty tight, but I’m not sure if the PT will do the trick or not. I’m open to your opinions and suggestions on this :slight_smile:

I also talked to him about eventually coming off the Cymbalta and doing so in a safe way. I would like to have another child and would prefer to be drug free before I got pregnant. He said he would like to wait to see how the PT goes first. He doesn’t want me to stop taking the Cymbalta and have my symptoms come back and if the PT helps, it might make the transition off of the meds a little smoother. So, I’ll have to make a decision on what I want to do. He also suggested 400mg of Magnesium oxide to help with the leftover symptoms as well.

Overall, I was very happy with my visit. I feel very blessed to be feeling better (95% on most days) and to have found a really good doctor. I hope that the new year is a positive one for all of you and wish you all good health and lots of peace.


I know I asked you this but what dose of the Cymbalta did you start on and how much did you increase it at one time. Also how did you take a smaller dose or did you start at 20mg. I am glad to hear you are feeling better the PT if it includes a neck massage (which mine did) may help that tightens that lingers there …that part of the PT helped me and I would be willing to try it again.

Congratulations on feeling better. Your list of symptoms seem like mine. I was dignosed with Menieres, but wonder. I am dizzy all the time and have trouble with the visual stimulation as you described. Lighted corridrors etc. Dept. stores are the worse. I have been battling this for over a year and have not been prescribed anything yet. So far, everything is diet controlled. I am going to see another ENT in two weeks and was wondering if you had any luck with ENT’s or do you mainly see a Neuro? Do you have any diet restrictions? Salt, caffeine etc?

I started off with 20 mg of Cymbalta. I think that is the lowest dose. Cymbalta comes in capsules with the little beads, so I wonder if you could slowly up the dose by breaking open the capsules and counting the beads. I haven’t needed to go higher than 20 mg and have tolerated it well. Thanks for the advice about the PT. I may go a few times to see how I feel and then go from there.

When I first started feeling dizzy, I saw an ENT and she is actually the one who suggested migraine. I then saw a regular neurologist who tried me on a few different medications before seeing my current doctor who is a neuro-otologist, a neurologist who specializes in dizziness. He really seemed like he new the right questions to ask and got to what he felt was the bottom of the issue. I did try the migraine diet. I try to be careful of what I eat, especially things with MSG. I do drink 1 cup of coffee a day and I feel fine. I am just much more conscientious of everything I put in my system. My advice is to keep seeing doctors until you find someone who will work with you and gets you on the path to feeling better. Don’t give up!

:slight_smile: Colleen