Visit with new dr. today

During my first ten months of developing mav symptoms I saw - 2 family doctors, 2 Ents, 1 chiropractor, 2 ER doctors, my gyno. doctor, and one physical therapist and finally Dr. Hain( who is the one who helped me.) I felt so alone and i felt as if no one was going to be able to help me. Anyways - I had heard of a general practitioner who is local and a very caring doctor. I had tried to make an appointment but there was a long waiting list. Last week, her office called me and said I finally made it to the top of her list and would be accepted as a new patient. I went to her today and told her my long story of symptoms and misdiagnosis. I want to start over with a new family doctor after all this mav mess. She was not at all familiar with mav. However, she said she would be more than happy to run tests if Dr. Hain ever needed bloodwork or whatever from me. She said that going to him was the smartest thing I could have done. She still wants me to keep my endocronologist’s appointment on April 2. I made that appointment months ago. I am curious to see what the endo. thinks about the hormone link. Anyways - why is it so few doctors know about mav?

Another question - she thinks that I don’t need to take Vitamin B complex. What do you guys think about that? She said to keep taking Vit.D and fish oil and to start taking a multivitamin instead of the B complex. I am afraid to stop the Vit. B because I think that may have controlled my anxiety, I am not sure though. Do any of you take a multivitamin? Are multivitamins from Walmart good? I have read that one should take high quality vitamins only. What do you guys think?

I am still feeling really good. Thank God. I continue to pray for all of you. Oh, you guys will get a kick out of this - I had to pick up my records today at medical records in the hospital to take to my endo. appointment next week. I opened the envelope to read them and it is full of wrong info!! The records have my name, my date of birth, my id number but they state that I have had echo stress tests and failed them due to heart problems! That is so untrue. It states that I have had fainting episodes, once again untrue. The date of the tests was Jan. of 2009. I never had such symptoms or those tests. It states on one page that I am 81 years old and a male. I have little to no faith in our hospital here or most of the doctors here. Is that scary or what. I am going to go to the hospital tomorrow to straighten this out.


Hey Nance -

Read my Magnesium Riboflavin post and see what you think. You know how highly I think of Cherchi. You have been feeling so good, I wouldn’t dare stop taking B2.


Another doctor also told me to take B2, and after reading the other post I started again. It is may be helping, I wouldn’t stop. It cannot do any harm, so why stop. This is certainly hormonally linked. please let us know what the endocrinologist says. I am quite curious. I know, it is annoying how so many doctors don’t get this. I guess if even some top neurologists don’t understand this, then a GP certainly won’t. However, GPs probably see the most of this, as that’s the first place people present to. It is frustrating though. It is scary to think how many people actually have this for years but are misdiagnosed