Visual aura making me tired?

Is it possible? I am on my 4th day of visual auras.I am so tired,as I write this I realize of course I am 4 days in a row would knock anybody out. :slight_smile: Don’t usually get headaches but today I do,not too bad as migraines go,but the neck and scalp super tight.
It just seems that I want to sleep or nap,and I come out of it and feel like I’m from another planet if you know what I mean.
Am coming off of a 2 year stressful period.
I’m new at this,haven’t had real migraines in many years and hopefully won’t.

Sounds sucky.
My sense is that the aura doesn’t cause my tiredness but rather being fucked up causes both.The aura though is a powerful warning that I’d better ease back, just as headache is to a lesser extent.

Thanks David!