Visual Disturbance

Hi Everyone,

Every now and then when reading material about MAV symptoms they will mention that some of us experience Visual Disturbance. Does anyone know exactly what that means? The Throbbing Sensation inside my head brings on Motion and i feel that i am Moving and rocking back & forth rather than the world outside of me. If it means that a Visual Disturbance is being experienced because i am experiencing a rocking wave-like motion then i understand this term. If it means something else please explain. Thanks.


I have all types of visual disturbances.
Sometimes, still get a visual aura, without the headache. This can be anything from just wavy vision, to swirling colors, to diagonal lines, to flashes. It always varies. But then I know I am in for a rough patch.
Other times, my vision is blurry because the nystagmus kicks in with a vengance, like today, it is raining. Everything is blurry, my depth perception is off and I can’t focus.
If I am in a situation where there is apparent motion, flickering lights, ceiling fans etc… my vision gets real jumpy too.


Most of my visual problems are caused by nystagmus (twitching of the eyes back and forth) but on an unusually long patch, things of strong contrasting colors can jump around on me. Things such as freshly printed text on nice shiny new white paper will cause indivual letters or whole words jump around or swap places on me. Its kind of like those optical illusions created with a bunch of lines drawn close together but to a much greater degree.

Thanks Brian & Joanne for your share. Maybe i jumped the gun a bit regarding not knowing what visual disturbance met…that is right that experiencing an Aura or Wavy Lines means you are having a Visual Disturbance. I have never had an Aura and don’t suffer from painful Migraines. What i do experience on a daily basis is MOTION inside my head…as if a bowl of jelly that has been shaken a bit or water swishing every which way. So i feel as though i am moving but not the person or things in front of me. So i soppose my symptoms would not be classified as Visual Disturbance?? The bottom-line is i feel a Throbbing Sensation inside my head as if i were having a headache…then that throbbing brings on Motion. Then those symptoms can affect my equilibruim.