Visual neglect / loss of field of vision

Hi all,

I went back to my neurologist on Thursday and am scheduled to have an MRA (MRI with dye), I think because one of the more unusual symptoms I have had is visual neglect, or my brain not using the information from my right field of vision. Has anyone else had that? As far as my brain is concerned, I sometimes can’t “see” things on the right side of my field of vision. This happens on top of my other MAV symptoms and sends me into a total panic because I think I’m going blind, but I’m not. There isn’t anything wrong with my vision. As I understand it, it’s a brain thing.

I figured if anyone else would have had this symptom, it would be one of you guys!

Mary Lee

I have 24/7 shaky vision and it sent me into panic mode for ages until the cymbalta kicked in. I still do get anxious but no where like I used too before the cymbalta. Not sure about your one sided problem (right). My problem is with both eyes and I got my eyes checked and they are perfect apart from the reading glasses that I need to wear when reading. Dealing with this for now.

My visual problems started about two months after the dizziness and headaches. It kind of came out of the blue. It was rather scary. Its hard to explain to doctors and to friends and family. While my vision isnt ”blurry” like most people would imagine. Its hard to focus on computer screens. At first, this was horrendous. Topamax, has helped! Unfort, my vision has been like this for the past 7 months. It wasnt until the past week when I had a slight breakthrough with the topa. I hope it continues :slight_smile:


When I first got migraines, before the vertigo came along, I would go basically blind in my left eye. Still, when I do get an actual headache, that is something that may happen. I also experienced tunnel vision at times. Now, when I have vertigo or just really bad disequilibrium, I have trouble focusing on anything outside of what you might call ‘tunnel vision’ but I don’t have actual tunnel vision, as I can see things, I just can’t focus on them or stop them from moving around.

There’s also something called fractal vision, that I used to get alot in the first 6 or 8 months, where, if I am focusing on a person’s face, for example, everything else around that person kind of breaks up and moves around. This happened when my depth perception was totally shot. Not sure if they are related??

Anyway, it seems to be an MAV thing & ‘all in your head’ which is good this time, yeah??

Hope it gets better soon…



Yours sounds similar to mine, especially the “going blind” in the left eye. My regular eye doctor said that another thing that might contribute to the “blindness” for me might have been some muscle imbalances when I was younger that I had corrected surgically. My brain learned to only use the input from one eye under stress before the muscles were corrected, and now will resort to that during a migraine. I’m not sure how all that works really.

I also see things kind as if through a kaleidoscope some times. It’s all there, just in different pieces and not all that clear.

It’s taking awhile to get the insurance and scheduling worked out to have the MRA and most likely the test will be normal, but I’ll be interested to see what it shows. Anything I can learn to help my brain adjust!

Mary Lee