Visual symptoms?

Hi there! Quick question.
I cannot help but notice that in my vision certain colours are extremely intense/oversaturated and I cannot look at them. Lights also have halos around them.
I understand this can be a symptom of migraine, but I find these symptoms show up not in relation to my migraines necessarily and last for days to weeks. Does anyone have experience with these symptoms prolonging? Or could they be related to vertigo and balance issues?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My neurologist said you can get various neurological symptoms even when the “head pain” of the migraine is not there. She said you can get any combination of symptoms and it’s migraine (if you’ve been diagnosed with it). Sometimes I get visual symptoms. Lights always seem “too bright” especially outside. I have to wear sunglasses. Sometimes I have double vision or very blurred vision, and these can come before the migraine (usually), during (usually) or after (sometimes). Everyone is different.

As far as I know, eye issues/visual symptoms are not related to the vertigo/imbalance. Vertigo and imbalance are just another symptom of migraine, just like the visual stuff is.

One of my warning signs is “visual auras,” which can be present even if there’s no further symptoms beyond perhaps some fatigue and a bit of headache. For me, they take the form of a “corner of the eye” image, too quick for me to quite identify, but with a sense that it carries some meaning, by which I mean I feel a hint of emotion associated with it, making it what I think of as a visual metaphor. And all this without quite grasping it, which I find extra crazy-making. Had a bad day Monday, and then followed with some of this, off and on, for another day or three. Brrrr.

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…Lights also have halos around them…

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You mean that lights aren’t supposed to have halos around them? :lol: I’ve seen halos around lights most of my life. I also have a problem with snow vision, which is what I have learned to use to gauge when a dizzy spell is coming up, how bad it is going to be.