Vitamin B-12 or something else for energy?

Hi all,

I’ve read in various discussions that some here are using vitamin B or other supplements for I think energy. I want to find out if this is indeed true - are you taking vitamin B-12, B-6, a B-combo for energy and is it helping? There are days that I feel like I am dragging big time from either the MAV or the meds and I am trying to find something to help. A pharmacist said that vitamin B can help, but if you are already taking a multi-vitamin like I am, you are already getting various vitamin B and adding more may or may not help much. Any experiences out there? If so, what amount are you taking? Thanks.

B-vitamins are water soluble, meaning there is virtually no toxicity. There are a few exceptions, though, such as Vitamin B6, which can cause nerve damage at high doses, but usually at really high ones. A “B-50” (50mg of most of them) is usually fine - the upper limit for B6 is at 100 mg a day, but the (reversible) damage hasn’t been seen below 200-500 mg a day.
So, it pretty much can’t hurt to try. I’d personally try to stay away from thiamine nitrate or mononitrate (a form of Vitamin B1, very common) - I can’t tolerate the nitrate, even at that tiny dose it’s a big trigger for me. Thiamine hydrochloride (or HCl) is fine. By the way, if you can, try to find one with nicotinamide rather than Niacin - niacin (mostly at high dosages, though) can act as a vasodilator, which can also cause migraines in some people.

So, to sum up:

  • B-50 complexes are usually fine (B-100 should be too, but I doubt it makes a different when the RDA is like 1-2 mg for most of them!)

  • Try to find one with Thiamine HCl, and…

  • Nicotinamide rather than niacin.

Personally I can’t say much… I haven’t dared try my new B-complex since the last time - despite the last one having nitrate and this one not doing so.