VM to pure PPPD...

Hi Everyone. Its been a long time since I’ve posted in this forum (last post was in January!). My journey started in March 2019 with VN, then VM and more recently PPPD.

The good news - I’ve now reached a point where the vast majority of VN/VM symptoms (including panic attacks and anxiety) have naturally gone away.

The bad news - I’m experiencing PPPD symptoms everyday (unsteadiness, imbalance, dizziness, numbness/tingling in feet, light sensitivity & a newer symptom…headaches).

In terms of the last 10 months, I came off propanolol which I was taking for panic attacks. Stuck to only vitamins/supplements, starting exercising again (which was a huge victory!!) and lots of self-positivity. I’ve been free of medication for 5 months now.

I guess my question is had anyone else’s condition moved on from VN/VM to a more pure PPPD? And if so, what did you do to get better?

I have an appointment with my doctor soon. And I’m in the process of starting VRT again soon (its hard to find a PPPD specialist - any recommendations?). I am also contemplating medication (my doctor mentioned 10mg Citalopram back in January, but I had VM at that point so his recommendation may change) but I am very against anti-depressants, and dont feel like I have any choice left anymore - im tired of living my life to only 70-80% :disappointed_relieved: I tried Effexor and Cymbalta in the past, but had to stop both after 1 day.

Has anyone also looked into Gammacore vagus nerve stimulation?


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