Hi everyone,
I just got a lot of vestibular tests done the other day. One of them was a VNG. I was fine until the last part (caloric testing) then I got so dizzy and kind of started to panic. I wasn’t able to finish the test. Has anyone ever been able to make it through that part of the test? Now I’m worried that they might miss something since i didnt finish it.

i’m taking mine on monday and am absolutely terrified because i remember how dizzy i got when i took this test in my childhood. i’m going to try my best to get through it but know how scary the spinning can get. have dizzy were you afterwards and for how long?

I had to get that done also and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The caloric part made me dizzy but I just had to remember that it was normal and a normal reaction to the test. I wasn’t too dizzy afterwards…

Jason – the caloric test is not for the feint of heart for some people, including me. For others they seem to coast through it. In my experience it seems to be the people with migraine that pay the price afterwards possibly because inducing dizziness like this can also trigger migraine that might make you feel worse for a liitle while afterwards. I’m not a huge fan of the caloric as a diagnostic tool. Unless there is some major loss of function in the ear, it is a fairly crude test and prone to all sorts of error when reading results.

When you go, I would have some valium on hand afterward to help take the edge off of it once it’s all over. Worked a treat for me.