VNG & Posturography - are they necessary?

Hello - I have a question about testing. I have been diagnosed with MAV by a neuro (and started my first med which doesn’t seem to be working yet…) but my internist suggested that I go to an ENT as well to rule out any ear issues. I did have a hearing test and was examined at the CA Ear Insititue and the dr. wanted me to follow up with the additional tests although he concurred that this was likely MAV. I ended up cancelling my appt last week for the tests - its a bit of drive and I needed to be there for several hours etc. but am wondering if I should reschedule and go through with them?
Is there useful info that these tests will provide? My gut (although I must admit that some days I have a hard time believing that migraine is causing this chronic state!!!) is that this is MAV.
Just wanted to get some advice.

Thanks so much!!!



I had both tests, and they are very taxing on the system, but if you are hoping to rule out ear problems before trying a bunch of drugs, it may be worth it to you.

Although I failed it; the Posturography test was actually kind interesting. I failed 3 of 6 parts. It takes about 20-25 minutes. They harness you in, and if you lose your balance you just dangle, but don’t fall.

The VNG test is mostly like an eye test. The caloric part causes problems for some people. I mostly had issues with things moving on the screen.

I had several other tests as well, including rotational chair test.

It will be hard for you to go through the process of trying drugs for MAV if you have not ruled out ear issues, because the MAV route takes a lot of discipline with diet and medications, and improvement may not be complete. Although the testing was hard, I am glad I went through it, to rule ear issues out. It forced me to keep looking for answers until I found my answer.

Thanks for the advice! How are you doing? Still improving/ feeling well?
I hope so!!

hi there, i say do it. the caloric test isnt bad only cause very mild vertigo( not bad like the real thing). Dont leave it too long like me. i have some ear damage and dr said if i had testing earlier rather than 3 yrs later thing would be more clear for dx. Im still told mav. If it comes back all clear then you know its mav and can move forward with more confidence about the diagnoses. I didnt have the posturography test but had others and wasnt as taxing as i thought it maybe