VNG test and hearing damage

Hi, I have a question about VNG test for dizziness. This test was performed to me 4 days ago and during it I didn’t feel any pain or dizziness, but the test was too noisy (as a vacuum cleaner put in my ears) which scared me a lot. I had an acoustic trauma on a concert 3 years ago and since then I am scared of loud noises. Right after the VNG had an impression that my hearing became worse, and today, 4 days after it I still have an impression that my hearing has decreased. The doctor said that the air cannot damage the hearing but I feel, the same as I did after the concert when my ears became traumatized and never recovered. Does anybody know something about this?

@Biljana Do you have MAV? If so then maybe there was something during the VNG test that triggered/increased your symptoms causing the decreased hearing? I hope it gets better/back to baseline soon!

I have no idea what is the cause of my vertigo. The ENT suspected Meniere’s, but the audiologist said it was not the case and the reason is not in my ears cause the VNG results are normal. I am a migraine sufferer, but the doctor couldn’t tell me if it was associated with vertigo. Thanks for your support

hmm…well good luck with your journey! Good that the VNG results were normal. Mine were normal when I first got the test done perhaps 5.5 to 6 years ago (I’ve had MAV for 6.5 years). I never had migraines before getting the dizziness, however.

I 've had migraine for 22 years and the dizziness started about 5 years ago. The audiologist said it might be caused by spondilossis. I will have another check in 2 months.