VRT - can it work?

i had VRT a few years ago and it helped, then i got the MAV diagnosis and Dr S hasnt suggest i have it.
Saw ~Occupational Health today at work who suggested I get back onto the VRT - which i will do

just wondered if anyone else out there with MAV does VRT as well?

I was just diagnosed, and I am in VRT. Just started a couple weeks ago. It’s too early to tell if it’s helping, but I sure hope it does. Research seems to suggest that it will help! :smiley:

VRT only works when migraine is controlled

Tried it twice, couldn’t stick the strict regime due to work/life and actually just caused me more stress.

I didn’t see any benefit from it either. Dr S recommended just playing Sport and trying the Wii as being equally beneficial. Take that for what you will.

Specific VRT exercises were never effective for me. What does work though is habituation. What I mean by this is, for example, with computer screens. When I first sit in front of a new computer screen it can cause very heavy visual vertigo to the point of feeling like I will throw up. Now if I keep at it over 2-3 weeks with short bursts of exposure and frequent breaks, my brain adapts and before I know it, I can use the screen. This is not effective, however, with plasma televisions. The flicker is what nails me there and no amount of habituation prevents that from triggering a migraine attack.