VRT? Tai Chi?

Today hubby is off to see Kate Murray at the Dizzy Days clinic in melb. Anyone else tried VRT? We had one specialist (J Waterston) suggest it a few years back (also suggested tai chi), but the vertigo phsyio we saw at the time didn’t recommend it. I’ve also seen a fair bit of contradictory information on the net about the efficacy for VMers.

So I’m curious to know if anyone else has tried it either VRT and/or tai chi and how it went for you?

Hi, look in the DropBox archive and you’ll find the following papers that should help:




vrt gave my confidence back tht i cud do still do things with this illness which i thought i cudnt
but it didnt help me recover from the symptoms. only the meds helped me recover. plus i didnt do tai chi.
mine was pure vrt