Waking up with mini-spins after being nearly recovered - ugh

I have been running about 90% better since I started on Celexa about a year ago, but I have a new symptom, which is that I am now waking up (at say, 5am or 6am) with a mini spin. It is like a rotational vertigo that settles pretty quickly, but makes my heart pound and scares me. It affects me the whole next day.

I am already at the max of Celexa (40mg) so this is very discouraging.

If I take Valium/Klonopin right before bed, then I sleep harder and have to be woken by alarm. But I don’t want to take too much of that (I already take 1/3 of a Klonopin before bed).

Could I be having a relapse? Maybe the Celexa is pooping out? So frustrating . . . .

Hey Doug,
That is a bummer. Is it possible it could be anything else? Diet? Stress?
I have had my meds “poop out” on me before, and it sucks. Unfortunately, once we get that feeling of OH NO, it ramps up anxiety and further exacerbates the situation. Do you take magnesium?
It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is good for migraine…
Sorry to hear this…

Hi Doug

I’m not sure what I can say to help but I was disappointed for you to hear of your latest setback. Especially as you know, because we’ve talked about it before, that I really do understand how this sort of vertigo can throw you for a loop. So I feel for you. That immediate heart-pounding sounds so familiar and does seem to be a partner in the whole saga. It just throws you right off your stride doesn’t it, the whole episode I mean. Kelley has it exactly right about the anxiety - I always try so hard to talk myself down from it but its extremely difficult when you feel so out of control. But right now that’s the only advice I can think to offfer. As much as you can try not to anticipate too much or imagine the worst. Whatever it is, you’ll either sort it or else it will sort itself- it’s just hard swallow at the moment. I get that, I really do. Frustration city.

Wishing you the best…