Walking during this

Hi there, Some days I feel like everything moving around me and shadows make things worse. What I mean is walking outside is hard sometimes. Its like the trees/plants move and cast shadows and I feel like Im just really off balance! I was wondering if any of you feel like this. Sometimes, although not as often I also get ground dropping type feelings…

Often during these days, I also feel like my vision gets jumpy when on the computer.

I just realized also that on bad days my head feels full especially in the forehead sinus area, although I dont have a cold or sinus problems

Just looking for some similarities!

Thanks for your opinions and comments!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Hi there Schmoozie

As as I read your post I can honestly say it all resonated with me. I know exactly what you mean about walking outside. Especially on sunny and windy days when the effects of moving trees and shadows are exacerbated. On bad days those things can literally throw me off my stride altogether and make me feel horribly disorientated. It’s always a relief to get home and even then it can take me a while to settle down.

As for a full head, that’s my norm now, it’s just a matter of degree really. For years I used to think I had sinus problems, was given so many antibiotics for sinusitis you wouldn’t believe.

So yes, plenty of similarities…unfortunately! :smiley: