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Walking on docks or padded surface

does walking on docks or soft surface increase your dizziness?


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your brain has 3 ways of finding balance.

  1. your eyes
  2. your inner ears
  3. your muscular skeletal system (ie your body and limbs)

if you confuse one of them, eg. by walking on something that gives confusing information like moving semi-solid objects, that means you are down to 2 ways of finding balance.

so yes, in that sense, it makes it harder.

if you do it with your eyes closed, you are down to 1.

if you are walking on a rocking dock with your eyes closed, spinning round in circles - welcome to MAV!!


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Hi Moe, absolutely!
For the first year of my symptoms, cushy carpet, gel foam shoe inserts, memory foam shoe inserts, etc. I walked across a wooden walkway over a creek in a park once and just feeling the slight sway made me dizzy. (Slight sway no “normal” person would ever have felt).
The good news is that I just walked on a floating dock last month! I write about it briefly in my diary here:
It was a huge milestone for me! I have been medicated for 6 months and am doing so much better… better enough to try walking on a floating dock and succeed :slight_smile: Best wishes!

Absolutely yes for me, I live around many parks with docks and it used to be my favorite think to just go and watch the sunset from them …not anymore, between the slightly movement of the dock and the visual of the water my swaying feeling increases. Learned the hard way

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