Just had the most horrible experience while walking, it has happened before but not for a while. I suddenly felt like i was being pulled back really fast on a bungee rope, the pavement felt like it was breathing and i was finding very hard to tell i was walking forwards. I also felt like one leg was longer than the other, but the longer leg kept changing.

Has anyone else had this? Is this relieved by the right medication. I can’t handle that symptom!!


Yes, I’ve experienced this.

In my experience no one medication is able to target specific symptoms. The medications treat ‘migraine’, so ideally all symptoms will reduced or hopefully disappear together. In practice most of us experience a reduction in some symptoms more than others. It’s trial and error.

Despite the discomfort of the experience I would encourage you to persist with walking. Moderate exercise of this type, while uncomfortable and even scary early on, is very beneficial for most people in managing their migraine symptoms.

Hang in there and don’t panic :slight_smile:

Thanks Victoria, you’re right, i’ve been for a 5 minute walk this morning but i still feel like theres something i’m pushing against or is pushing me along really quickly. It’s such a bore, and makes doing anything very tricky! I am only 3 weeks into amitriptyline and still at 10mg so i know i’m yet to reach a good dose. Thanks for your positive and kind words, exactly what i needed.